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Chubbas Shopping?

Welcome to the Boutique Online of

Welcome ! 

Silk shirts, rappers,
boleros, pants and chubbas

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Tibetan Chubbas 
Dress & shirts

(Chubbas complete dress)
from $50.00 to $150.00 




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Silk shirts 
special for Chubbas

(Shirts for Tibetan Chubbas)




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Silk shirts
These can also go with Chubbas
(round or V collar)

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Silk shirts

(Neware  or  Tibetan  collar)

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Keltic Trilogy/Cairn
EU / Nepal (SXSS) Asia- Link
Study Abroad in Nepal, Tibet and India

Keltic Trilogy Online Boutique is a  EU / Nepal  NGOs Network
(Non Profit) organized with selected Nepalese and Tibetan traditional handicraft artists, painters and tailors, based in and around the target-site Bouddhanath Stupa (Kathmandu / Nepal)

It aims to promote the use of the Internet new technology
which may benefit the local people, preserve their traditional heritage and enhance cross- cultural exchange, as well as IT-/training and interest from donors, INGOs or handicraft importers.

In the present policy we organize three major shipments
a year, to USA, UK, France, Belgium retailers,
or to your own personal address.

We guarantee the local production and 
cargo shipment to be entirely under our direct supervision.

We will produce and/or buy the best for you, 
as we would do it for ourselves ...

Our contact address:

email: leon@sped.ucl.ac.be

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